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by Mother Earth News Editors
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Format: Paperback 


Copyright Year: 2012

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Learn to cut your food bills in half. Live off the grid without using any propane. Build your own low-cost, multipurpose greenhouse. Live on less and love it with the 100-page Mother Earth News Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills, 2nd Edition. With more than 20 articles, this guide has hundreds of great ideas for self-reliant living. From preserving food to small-space gardening, from backyard chickens to making your own yogurt and cheese, Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills has a wide variety of information that will help you lead a sustainable life.

Bake your own crispy gorgeous homemade loaves with the simple technique covered in this guide. Learn to brew your own beer and make uniquely flavored, affordable drinks at home. Follow step-by-step advice for choosing the right woodstove for your home. Build permanent beds and paths in your garden to protect the soil and preserve its fertility. Also, enjoy reading a compilation of more than 25 of the best reader-written tips for wiser living, including a soothing herbal soak, how to freeze extra eggs, instructions for making durable tomato stakes and more.

Other articles include:

  • Egg Nutrients
  • Go Solar for Free Hot Water
  • Keep a Family Cow and Enjoy Delicious Milk, Cream, Cheese and More
  • 75 Safe and Effective Herbal Remedies
  • 8 Easy Projects for Instant Energy Savings
  • Have Sawmill, Will Travel

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