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by Carol Klein
Item # 6204

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781845335519

Pages: 224

Copyright Year: 2010

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Eating vegetables is good for you. Growing your own is even better.

"You are what you eat" may be a timeworn adage, but it makes a valid point. When you grow your own vegetables, you'll not only eat better food, but you'll also regain your connection to the seasons and the natural rhythms of life. Growing your own will change what's on your dinner table, and it will change you.

That's the philosophy behind Carol Klein's impeccably thorough guide to home vegetable gardening. In its pages, she reveals all the tricks to becoming a successful small-plot gardener, from preparing the soil to deciding what to grow (and when to plant and harvest). The book covers coping with pests, weeds, and other common problems, and its second half is a veritable encyclopedia of the vegetables that you might choose to grow: delicate salad greens, hardy root vegetables, and everything in between.

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