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by Peg Schafer
Item # 5526

Format: Paperback  

ISBN: 9781603583305

Pages: 320

Copyright Year: 2011

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A leading light in the field of medicinal herb cultivation, The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm is the first cultivation guide of its kind. It presents invaluable information for growers interested in producing high-quality, efficacious herbs in all climates of the United States, with the historical connectedness of ancient practitioners.

It has become increasingly important — especially as the market for herbal medicine continues to grow — that we transition to local and domestic medicinal cultivation. Increasingly there are concerns regarding to not only the quality but the purity of imported herbs, and wild herbs picked for medicinal purposes are ever more endangered both at home and abroad.

Author Peg Schafer, a longtime grower and teacher, guides readers with information on propagating, cultivating and harvesting Chinese herbs, and presents fascinating new scientific data that reveal the age-old wisdom of nature and the traditional systems of Chinese medicine. Through 79 detailed herb profiles — all tested and trialed on Schafer’s certified organic farm — Schafer offers easy-to-follow information, suitable for both growers and practitioners, for growing efficacious wild-simulated herbs. Also included is important information on species conservation, crop integration and how to avoid the introduction of invasive species. Sidebars on traditional medicinal uses for each herb and delicious recipes are also featured throughout.

Vegetable and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farmers will find this book of great interest for adding value-added crops to their repertoire. Beginner growers looking to incorporate medicinals into their gardens will find the book an invaluable guide to understanding where herbal medicine comes from. And for all readers, it will make eating-your-medicine more accessible than ever.

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