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by Andrea Chesman
Item # 4530

Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 978-1-60652-056-7

Pages: 176

Copyright Year: 2010

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There's something to be said for simpler times, when our way of life seemed more wholesome ... when our food was grown with fewer pesticides and growth hormones ... when we tended kitchen gardens, kept a flock of chickens and "put up" beans, pears and pickles. So it's easy to see why people across the nation are returning to their roots — and root cellars — and embracing a return to the basics.

With Traditional Kitchen Wisdom you, too, can enjoy the rewards of being more self-reliant by ...

  • Growing your own fruits and vegetables in a space as small as a windowsill
  • Turning fresh fruit into jams and jellies
  • Learning safe canning and freezing methods
  • Drying foods and creating your own herbs and spices
  • Making homemade wine, beer and naturally flavored vodka
  • Raising chickens and honeybees, making your own cheese and more!

Start your own family traditions with Traditional Kitchen Wisdom, and rediscover the pleasure of returning to a greener, healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

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