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Mother Earth News and Grit have compiled 500 pages of the best articles on raising backyard chickens and rabbits, growing an organic garden, baking delicious homemade bread, and practicing self-reliance and country skills. There is something in this guide set for everyone, whether you are thinking of starting your own backyard flock, trying to fine-tune your homemade bread recipe or planning your most successful organic garden yet. In this set you’ll find recipes, do-it-yourself projects, beautiful photos and so much more.

This set includes:

Grit Guide to Homemade Bread, 5th Edition
More than 20 of the best homemade bread articles from Grit make up this colorful, glossy-paged guide. There are 118 delicious recipes inside, with more than 57 keys to successfully making bread. This guide will help the most inexperienced cook make a perfect, golden-brown loaf of bread right in her very own kitchen.

Mother Earth News Guide to Self-Reliance & Country Skills, 4th Edition
Nothing compares to the feeling of enjoying food that was raised and grown on your own land … no matter if it’s just the delicious preserves from your garden or the entire feast. There are also great articles on solar heating and other energy savings tips that will save you hundreds on your energy bills. Learn to cut your foods bills in half, make cheap garden beds, concoct your own herbal medicine and more.

Mother Earth News Guide to Organic Gardening, 6th Edition
The latest edition of Guide to Organic Gardening is a great reference to help you plan your bountiful garden this year. Starting with soil, fertilizer, seed starting, what plants you should grow, this guide is 100 pages of helpful articles to help you grow your best garden yet.

Grit Guide to Backyard Chickens, 6th Edition
This guide contains more than 51 keys to keeping a healthy, productive flock, plus do-it-yourself housing plans, tips for caring for chickens in the winter, instructions for protecting your flock from predators and disease, and much more.

Grit Guide to Backyard Rabbits, 4th Edition
The fourth edition of this guide includes more than 43 keys to raising happy, healthy rabbits along with helpful advice to find the breed for you, instructions for keeping rabbits out of your garden, advice on how to build the best hutches and equipment, and more.




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Eat better. Save money. That’s the theme of the fourth edition of the Mother Earth NewsGuide to Fresh Food All Year. This 100-page guide shows how to grow, maintain and harvest your own food all year …



Eat better. Save money. That’s the theme of the fourth edition of the Mother Earth News Guide to Fresh Food All Year. This 100-page guide shows how to grow, maintain and harvest your own food all year long. At least 20 A wide variety of articles – 20 in all - cover everything from growing the best tomatoes to building a mini-greenhouse, from preserving fresh food to making homemade butter.

Read how to use cedar fence boards to build produce storage bins that move easily from garden to pantry or basement. Discover how to make delicious homemade bread and say goodbye to the intimidation factor in baking bread. Learn how to have the freshest eggs by raising your own backyard chickens.

Other articles include:

  • Freezing Fruits and Vegetables from Your Garden - Round out your food preservation regimen! Follow these straightforward freezing tips to turn your garden harvests into sensational, off-season meals.
  • Quick Hoops: Easy-to-Make Mini-Greenhouses – Stretch the growing season to savor fresh, homegrown veggies all year by using these nifty quick hoops in your winter vegetable garden.
  • The Incredible Versatility of Eggs – Eggs can star in numerous recipes, from simple scrambled eggs to tangy pickled options to elegant soufflés.
  • Grow Your Own Mushrooms – With the help of a simple do-it-yourself kit, you can harvest lots of fresh, tasty fungi.
  • Make Delicious, Low-Sugar Jams and Jellies – With these simple ingredients, you can craft naturally sweet, low-calorie preserves.

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