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Foot Lotion: Garden Girl Zippity Do Dah Peppermint Foot Cream

by Kim Wallace

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Unlike some creams, which harbor an overly strong smells and tingles, Garden Girl brings together a light blend of peppermint and green tea in its creamy smooth foot repair lotion. 

Ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, jojoba and sunflower top off this number 1 recyclable plastic jar. The spunky labeling (pink and brown polka dots) is as fresh and fun as the cream itself. 

Other bonuses? Garden Girl doesn’t test on animals and is free of unnecessary chemicals and parabens and is a signer on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Zippity Do Dah cream is $15 for 4 ounces.

What do you use on your feet? Does it have to smell good, or just work well?