List of Likes: Contain Your Garden

Build your best container garden with some of our favorite pots, garden décor items and tools.
October/November 2011
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Herb crates by Farmhouse Wares, $39.95

Hang your favorite herbs in these rustic crates either indoors or outdoors. Metal hooks allow for both easy and attractive display. 

Upside Down Hanging Sky Planter by Boskke, $59.99

This simple design places culinary staples within arm’s reach. Plant your favorites in it; hang in the kitchen for always-fresh herbs. 

Packing Pearls by Four Seasons Container Gardens, $21.99

Pack the bottom of your pots with these recyclable fillers. Made with expanded polystyrene, they allow for better oxygen flow and drainage. 

AeroGarden 3 by AeroGrow, $99.95

Grow herbs without the hassle. This whimsical kit is built for small spaces and will charm both children and adults. 

Pot Lifter by Pot Lifter, $29.95

Rearranging your container garden can be a necessary evil. Save your back the pain by positioning these straps around heavy pots for easy lifting. 

Herb markers by Marble Coasters, $10

Adorn your favorite herb pots with these beautifully handmade marble markers. Many herb names are available, as are custom requests.  

Clever Idea

Mushroom kit by Back to the Roots, $19.99

If you don’t trust yourself to forage wild mushrooms, cultivate your own. Grow pearl oyster mushrooms in this little brown box and harvest for delicious meals.