Flatulence to Fuel in Brooklyn


 This one’s too much fun to let pass on a Friday morning. Inhabitat reports that a new methane-processing plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, set to open next year, will capture excess methane from the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and add it to the National Grid’s gas distribution system—effectively turning flatulence into fuel.

The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant treats 1.2 million cubic meters of raw sewage everyday, and escaping gas has caused bad smells in Greenpoint for years. Inhabitat’s Lori Zimmer reports, “The new process will remove methane and carbon dioxide from the excess sewage gas, therefore eliminating the offensive fart smell. … Sounds like a win/win to us!”

The system will remove 16,650 tons of carbon dioxide from the air and produce enough energy to heat 2,500 homes per year. Brooklynites, keep eating those beans.