Vegetable Mask Skin Recipe

This Vegetable Mask Skin recipe uses fresh vegetables blended into a facial mask to make your skin feel like new.
November/December 2001
Try this Vegetable Mask Skin recipe for a natural and refreshing facial cleansing experience.

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Learn how to make this Vegetable Mask Skin recipe for your next facial treatment at home.

Vegetable Mask Skin Recipe

This mask is perfect for any skin type. Make it fresh each time to tap into the nutrients of the various vegetables.

• 1 cup fresh parsley
• 1/2 carrot, unpeeled
• 4 slices cucumber, unpeeled
• 1 small tomato
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 1 tablespoon cornmeal

1. In a food processor, combine the parsley, carrot, cucumber, and tomato and blend until finely chopped.

2. Add the honey and cornmeal to form a pasty consistency.

3. Pack the mixture heavily on your face, making sure to avoid the mouth, nostrils, and eye area.

4. Allow the mask to remain on for at least 20 minutes, or until dry and caked.

5. Remove by vigorously splashing tepid water onto your face, followed by a splash of cooler water. Be sure to finish this process by applying a hydrating cream.

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