More Americans Buy Bulk Foods

Our natural consumer instincts always want the best deal—we can’t help ourselves.  It’s always a bonus, then, when the cheapest option is also the greenest—and that’s why I love buying food in bulk. Scooping my own flaxseed, granola and yogurt pretzels from my local grocery store’s bins saves me money, lets me buy exactly as much as I want, and creates a lot less packaging waste.

bulk foods
Buying in bulk saves money and lessens packaging waste. Photo By Chelsea Oakes/Courtesy Flickr. 

Last year, bulk food sales rose almost 15 percent over the previous year, and all signs point toward bulk food being a trend in money-saving, according to the Bulk is Green Council. According to the organization, bulk foods save consumers 30 to 60 percent over packaged goods, require less overall transportation because they don’t have packaging, and can be packed more densely onto trucks and store shelves.

We like this trend.