Target Commercials Go Green

You don’t really think about it when the 30-second spot interrupts your favorite program, but commercials generate a lot of garbage. According to an Advertising Age article this week, making commercials produces about 18 million pounds of waste per year, half of it food-related. The good news, according to Ad Age, is that companies are stepping in to minimize the waste.

In its ongoing efforts to infuse environmental sustainability into its business strategy, Target has turned to EcoSet Consulting, a North Hollywood, California, company that helps corporate America green up its commercial, TV and film sets. With EcoSet’s help, Target has diverted 100,016 pounds of waste generated from commercial shoots in Los Angeles from the landfill. Reusable bottles have replaced about 35,400 plastic water bottles, reusable materials have been donated nonprofits and community organizations, and food waste and dinnerware made from corn starch is composted. Solar-powered charging stations juice up walkie-talkies, and biodiesel generators give power.

In my favorite trick, Target’s commercial production crew used wheat pasta noodles in lieu of wasteful wooden coffee stirrers. I’m stealing that idea.