Museum’s Smart Home Gets a Green Makeover

A few years ago, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry partnered with Wired magazine on the Smart Home: Green + Wired a three-story modular home equipped with cutting-edge green technology, including a green roof with photovoltaic panels and a home automation system that controls lighting, heating and cooling. We applaud those innovations, and we’re pleased to see that the museum has called in interior designers from Midwest Living magazine to focus on comfort and aesthetics in the demonstration home’s most recent makeover.

Smart Home table
The Smart Home’s dining table is made from reclaimed wood from a tree that fell on the museum’s grounds. Photo Courtesy Museum of Science and Industry. 

The new design is geared toward tech-savvy empty nesters. Housing trends indicate that empty nesters want beautiful, energy-efficient homes that require little maintenance. The Smart Home’s makeover includes spaces for entertainment, a master bedroom that serves as a retreat, a playroom for visiting grandchildren and a home office. Zero-VOC paint, furniture made from recycled steel and reclaimed wood and recycled carpet tiles from FLOR are featured.

The Smart Home will be open to public tours until January 2, 2011. For information, visit the Smart Home’s website.