Turn Funky Flea Market Mirrors Into Art


Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailI spot cool vintage mirrors all the time when I’m flea market shopping, and they tempt me with their interesting shapes and bargain price tags. I never quite know what to do with them, though, so I pass them up.

As I thought I might, I found a great way to display vintage mirrors on A Beach Cottage, one of my all-time favorite sites for decorating ideas. Sarah, the site’s founder—“an advocate for winging it and not worrying about perfection”—shares projects and ideas that help you create a comfortable, casual home without spending a fortune. 'I started blogging to document the journey of our fixer-upper cottage, but it has become so much more than a blog for me, it has provided me with a place to fulfill my passion for casual, laid-back decor, vintage coastal style and more has become for me a cathartic outlet at the end of the day,' Sarah states.

Sarah chronicles her every move as she decorates her cottage-near-the-sea in Australia with vintage finds painted in a tried and tested hand-mixed white, piles of white linens and striped cotton rugs, and heaps of vintage china. Her eye is perfectly imperfect, and her cottage couldn’t be more hospitable. I return to A Beach Cottage whenever I need inspiration, relaxation or just a little eye candy.

a beach cottage 

Grouping flea market mirrors with interesting shapes makes them work in a prime-time space. Photo courtesy of A Beach Cottage