96 Percent of Americans Believe GMOs Should Be Labeled


Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailA whopping 96 percent of Americans believe that genetically modified foods should be labeled, according to a CNBC poll released this week. With a total of 39,053 votes, the poll found that 95.9 percent of respondents said “Yes. It's an ethical issue -- consumers should be informed so they can make a choice.” Only 3.2 percent believe that they’re safe because the U.S. government says so, and 0.9 are not sure.  

The poll attracted a range of interesting comments. “Why mess with nature?” asked one respondent. Declared another: “How dare they play God with our food, endanger our health, our food supply, and then decide it doesn't need labeled!!! It's insane!” “Just say no to GMO!” said another.

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