It Still Pays to Recycle!

Difficult economic times mean recycling centers across the nation are seeing demand for recycled items such as paper, cardboard and glass diminish. According to CNN, recyclers in Georgia are now getting $37 a ton for recyclables, down from roughly $160 a ton a year ago. Recycling programs across America are facing similar problems

In Atlanta, this has meant that curbside recycling collection has been spotty, and many residents are worried that providers won’t pick up their recycling bins. Some are stockpiling items in garages and driving them to drop-off centers. 

If you’re having difficulties with your recycling company, try these tips: 

• Contact your provider and ask for a comprehensive list of pickup dates. 

• If you live close to a drop-off center, dispose of your recyclables there. 

Before you throw away recycling items, give them a second life with these creative ideas:

Repurpose old items into new treasures.

Salvage materials for home renovations.

Get crafty with so-called “junk.”

Get to know your recycling symbols

The earth—and your local landfill—will thank you.