Make Bird Feeders Using Toilet Paper Rolls

As the thermometer refuses to climb above 0 degrees today, I’m spending yet another day indoors, looking longingly for signs of life outside my window. I want to see more of the ravens and blue jays who stay to brave Colorado’s winters, so I’m making easy DIY bird feeders that former Natural Home intern Dani Hust dreamed up. I love this project because it makes use of a hard-to-recycle item (toilet paper remnants stuck to the rolls can make a mess of some municipalities’ recycling systems).

What you’ll need: 

Peanut butter
Toilet paper or paper towel roll
Bird seed (store-bought mix or homemade combination) 

Remove all the paper from the roll. Cover the outside with a generous amount of peanut butter, then roll it in bird seed. Make sure to press the seeds into the peanut butter so they don’t fall off if it gets windy. Slide roll onto a sturdy branch about 5 feet off the ground and let the feeding commence.

peanut butter bird feeder 

You can repurpose hard-to-recycle toilet paper rolls into simple bird feeders. Photo by Dani Hurst