Weekend Project: DIY Solar Jar Lights


Robyn Griggs Lawrence thumbnailI’m spending Earth Day in the garden with my mom tomorrow, so I’m posting this week’s Weekend Project a day early. This one is a knock-off of those solar jar lights that are pretty but far too pricey. I picked up this idea at Bare Feet on the Dashboard, a fantastic site full of tips and information on frugal living and crafting. Bare Feet on the Dashboard ran this project as part of its “Green Day” environmentally friendly series. (You can also find a full tutorial for making these jars at Lifehacker.)



Solar-powered garden lights


Frosted glass spray paint

Silicon glue

Thick, bendable wire


  1. Paint outside of jars with spray paint.
  2. Remove posts from lights.
  3. Attach solar cell to inside lid of each jar with silicon glue.
  4. Place light inside jar.
  5. Loop each jar with wire and hang. 

solar jar 

You can easily make a solar jar light for about one-tenth the cost of buying one. Photo courtesy of Bare Feet on the Dashboard 

solar jars 

The lights look great hanging on a front porch. Photo courtesy of Bare Feet on the Dashboard