Party Like It's Earth Day: An Earth Day Dinner

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 40 years since 20 million people worldwide celebrated the first Earth Day. How far we’ve come. 

Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day today and every day. Photo By AussieGall/Courtesy Flickr 

Whether or not you choose to participate in local events, Earth Day is a great opportunity to spread environmental awareness and to appreciate your natural surroundings. If you’re looking to celebrate but want to keep it simple, invite a few friends over for an Earth Day dinner

If you need help planning your Earth Day meal, visit Organic Valley Family of Farms’ new website, The Earth Dinner, filled with tips to help you set a beautiful table and prepare a tasty, conscious meal. 

Ideally, your Earth Day meal will include in-season, local and organic produce and meats (which is deliciously easy this time of year). The Earth Dinner lists eight recipes that incorporate organic meat, ranging from chicken chop suey and hot pot Italian sausage to vegetables and scalloped potatoes with smoked turkey and horseradish-breadcrumb crust.

This Earth Day, your meal isn’t the only thing that should be green; you can keep your decorations and invitations eco-friendly, too. Let nature guide your decorations, or if weather permits, try an outdoor setting for your celebration. For invitations, eliminate paper by sending electronic cards or emails.