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Simple Beauty Tips for the Busy Mom

By Mark Kirkpatrick

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Oatmeal Mask
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For moms, the new school year brings stressful morning routines, such as getting kids fed, packed up for school and out the door. The day’s end brings on homework help, school projects and preparing a healthy, hot and quick dinner.

In the midst of the chaos, craziness and chores of back-to-school madness, moms must not forget that they need a little me-time and downtime. Sure, an hour of relaxing yoga can relieve stressed out muscles and create comfort. But sometimes, a mom needs a pampering beauty routine to really feel refreshed and glowing.

The best beauty secrets are often hidden amongst Mother Nature’s flora and fauna. Forget spending a fortune on expensive creams, masks and salves, and take a peek in the fridge and pantry for green remedies to common beauty needs.

Ready to DIY? Grab a mixing bowl, some fresh ingredients and start creating all-natural and organic beauty treatments to pamper skin, hair and face and look fresh and glowing.

Here are five of the best recipes and natural ingredients to begin a journey towards a green beauty regime.

Homemade Sugar Scrub:

A sugar scrub helps exfoliate the skin while helping it stay nourished with moisture. Blogger Allison Czarnecki, founder and editor of Petit Elefant, offers up one of the simplest recipes for a decadent DIY scrub. The recipe calls for four simple ingredients: white sugar, brown sugar, olive oil (or baby oil, if preferred) and vanilla. Grab a small bowl and measure out equal parts white sugar and brown sugar. Start with around 1/4 cup of each type of sugar. Mix sugars together well using either a hand mixer or spoon. Make sure the sugars are well blended. Next, add olive oil — the amount used depends on the individual. Be sure to use enough oil, though, to coat the sugar and create a pliable texture. Finally, add in a few drops of vanilla or other essential oil to add a relaxing scent to the scrub.

Organic Coconut Oil:


Naturally soothing oatmeal is one of the best solutions for irritated and itchy skin. Add a cup of finely-ground oats to the bath, tied up in a porous container (such as a sachet or stocking) to help soothe the itch and pain of sunburned skin. Make a face mask with milk, banana and oatmeal to help aging skin look refreshed and replenished. A recipe featured on Pioneer Thinking features oatmeal mixed with sea salt, baking soda and a little bit of water to make a wonderful exfoliating scrub for hands and feet.

Aloe Plant:

The natural gel found within the leaves of the aloe plant can soothe burns and promote healing. Aloe plants are one of the most ideal plants to have in the household to treat sunburn or common kitchen burns. Aloe also helps soothe diaper rash, dry skin and canker sores. Aloe plants are fairly easy to maintain and can be kept indoors. Just make sure the plant has a source of direct sunlight.


Rich in antioxidants and a great source of numerous vitamins, tomatoes are natures little treasures. Times of India writer Bushra Khan advises rubbing a simple tomato juice preparation on the face to treat oily skin or mild acne. For more severe acne, mash up a tomato and apply to your face as a mask for one hour.

Every mom can treat herself to invigorating and relaxing beauty treatments without splurging on expensive products. Many natural and organic skin and hair treatments can be whipped up in the kitchen using green ingredients found in the fridge or the pantry, because the best kept beauty secrets are held by the most knowledgeable mother and beauty editor in the world:  Mother Nature.