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Take Your Bacteria! Probiotic Supplements

If you don't get enough healthy bacteria in your diet, consider these high-quality supplements.

Slow release probiotics

Hour After Hour

American Health Probiotic CD’s 12 billion organisms are delivered gradually over an extended period of time and throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract.
To Buy: $20,

UP4 Senior

Senior Support

UAS Labs Senior Probiotic provides 25 billion units of five strains of bacteria, specially designed for older adults.
To Buy: $38, 

Chocolate bar probiotics

Chocolate Rescue

ohso Probiotic Chocolate Bars offer 1 billion bacteria in the form of a tasty, 70-calorie bar of Belgian chocolate.
To Buy: $9,

Probiotic + Inulin

Go for a Drink

With prebiotic inulin to assist the healthy growth of bacteria, NOW Probiotic-10 +Inulin delivers live organisms in a powder you can stir into water, tea or juice.
To Buy: $20, NOW Foods

Digestive support and cleanse

Daily Cleanse

Irwin Naturals Active-Cleanse and Probiotics combines beneficial bacteria with aloe and triphala for all-around digestive support.
To Buy: $27, Irwin Naturals

Learn more about probiotics, prebiotics and their role in your health in The Vital Importance of Healthy Gut Bacteria.