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5 Herbal Solutions for Winter

Herbal Bitters

Crafted by Mother Earth Living contributor and herbalist Dawn Combs, this bitters formula uses balancing herbs such as dandelion, ginger and gentian to aid digestion.
To Buy: $15, Mockingbird Meadows

 Chocolate Elixir

Adapt Elixir

Arm yourself against life’s everyday stressors with this balancing blend of adaptogenic herbs, including reishi, chaga, eleuthero and schisandra.
To Buy:
$15, Terra Firma Botanicals

 elderberry syrup

Nighttime Syrup

With its immune-boosting elderberry and rest-promoting lemon balm and California poppy, this syrup is a go-to staple for cold and flu season.
To Buy:
$33, Gaia Herbs

Energy Tonic

Energy Tonic

Take this herbal tonic daily to help boost energy, enhance endurance, increase cognitive function and improve overall well-being.
To Buy:
$33, Urban Moonshine

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Use this high-quality, raw, unpasteurized and organic vinegar when concocting your medicinal herb-vinegar blends.
To Buy:
$4, Eden Foods