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4 Areas of Focus for Optimum Pet Health

October is National Pet Wellness Month, which is a nationwide educational campaign sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Focusing on weight management, balanced diet, dental care, and the special needs for senior pets, the program's initiative hopes to educate the owners of approximate 50 percent of the US pet populations on the preventative measures for battling obesity, diabetes, arthritis and thyroid disease. Through preventative care, as well as weight control, pets can be on the fast track to ultimate health and fitness in no time.

two beagles running
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Weight Management

goDog toy 

Dogs on the Move!

Dogs need a lot of rest, but just like humans, they also need stimulation and daily exercise.  Commit to daily walks and games of fetch or tug-of-war- using durable toys like goDog® toys with Chew Guard Technology™ from Quaker Pet Group.  With the soft plush, you can play fetch indoors or outdoors, so weather is never a factor.

gobble stopper 

Slow Feeding to Prevent Painful Bloat

Dogs of all sizes and breeds can put themselves at high risk for bloat, the second highest canine health risk, which can cause a great deal of stomach distress and even death.  Loving Pets' Gobble Stopper™ from is a simple, convenient and highly effective solution to help prevent canine bloat by slowing your pet’s eating by as much as 500 percent. Easy to insert inside any bowl, the suctioned bone shaped insert is removed easily by owners via the easy-lift tab, but impossible for your dog. A cinch to clean, Gobble Stopper is dishwasher safe and made from BPA-free plastic.

Balanced Diet

Evanger's pet food 

Nutritious Eating

In addition to committing to a more active lifestyle with your pet, a healthy diet is also of utmost importance. It is not just limiting the quantity of your pet's food that is helpful, but choosing a food that it rich in nutrients and quality ingredients.  

Help make good choices for your pet and promote health from the inside out with American- made and -sourced Evanger's Pet Foods, for dogs and cats. With premium pure game meats like lean Buffalo and their best-selling Hunk of Beef, they also offer new Premium Dinners that feature Spinach and Kale. 

healthy pet treats 

Healthful Treats

By choosing wholesome treats for your pet, such as new PUFFSTERS™ Air-Puffed Snacks or BARKSTERS™, you are rewarding your pet with low-fat, low-calorie treats with premium ingredients—never any additives or artificial ingredients. Loving Pets offers an interactive TreatFinder™ where pet owners can easily enter in criteria, allergies, preferences, etc and be matched to the perfect treat for their beloved pets.

Dental Care

Dr. Andy Roark DVM MS is passionate about helping educate pet owners on simple, yet important ways they can stay ahead of oral/dental challenges and keep their pet's heart healthy!

Canine dental health is a hot topic, not just because of the importance of good oral hygiene, but also because (just like humans) canine tartar control is directly tied to heart health!  Regular and preventative dental care, at home, can also save pet owners hundreds of dollars in veterinary expenses because once a problem arises, it can be very costly.

The dental tartar you see slowly building up on your pet’s teeth is about 80 percent bacteria. It damages the gums, the bone beneath and the ligaments that hold teeth in place. This bacteria can get into the blood stream and infect vital organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. And there's no question that advanced dental disease hurts; it makes pets feel sick. 

Daily brushing is the best deterrent. Every pet's mouth is different, so the amount of dental maintenance needed to make sure your pet stays healthy varies among individuals and also among breeds. 

Feeding a high-quality food, staying away from offering your dog table scraps, and using treats and chews that are specifically formulated to keep teeth healthy are all easy ways to support your pet’s dental health. Your vet can even recommend a diet designed for dental health.

whimzees dental care

WHIMZEES™, all-natural, vet-recommended dog chews, help to fight dangerous plaque and tartar. Available in a variety of fun shaped characters such as Alligators, Hedgehogs, Stix and Toothbrushes, WHIMZEES™ are highly digestible vegetarian treats. These all-natural dog chews not only support dental health, but the unique shape ensures proper blood flow through the gums. WHIMZEES™ have no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, or meat products. They’re GMO- and gluten-free, as well as high in fiber and low in calories. 

Senior Pets

Evanger's senior pet food 

In 2015, more than half of all the pets in the United States will be considered senior. Veterinarians recommend that senior pets receive special attention and care to maintain optimum health and maximum vitality. In addition to weight management and providing your pet with an ultra soft and easily digestible food made of the finest organic ingredients, such as Evanger's Senior & Weight Management Cat & Dog Food, other issues can sneak up on aging pets.

puppy go potty dog litter

As cats and dogs age, even going potty can become more of a challenge. Achey joints and arthritis can make bathroom routines, such as stairs and inclement weather, almost impossible. Puppy Go Potty from Healthy Pet is an original indoor elimination solution that was created to ensure happiness and comfort at home to aging pups. Puppy Go Potty is made of 100 percent natural fibers, absorbs 4 times its weight in liquid, effectively controls odor, and is scented with a natural pheromone attractant.

natural cat litter 

Aging kitties can also get finicky around potty time, a new product from Healthy Pet, ökocat Soft Step, is an all-natural, 99 percent dust-free litter. Made of extra lightweight, fine wood granules that are softer on paws than other materials, which can be an issue for the discerning cat. ökocat™ Soft Step™ is a high performance clumping litter, ideal for cats of all ages, and a great choice for those concerned about transitioning to a natural litter; ökocat feels close to traditional clay litter, but without the scents, chemicals and dust of clays.

This blog is intended for informational purposes only. Mother Earth Living does not recommend, approve or endorse the products and/or services offered. You should use your own judgment and evaluate products and services carefully before deciding to purchase.

10/13/2015 10:40:59 AM

I have a store in which we sell only 2 lines of dry dog and cat food, 4 lines of canned, 2 of dehydrated, and 4 of frozen raw. BUT - this article, purporting to be about health, is really marketing for the Industry (2 industries, really: pet food, and conventional pet medicine. I teach classes at our local community college on making healthy pet food, and creating a diet for your dog or cat that is similar to your own: seasonal variety, local,home grown, organic veggies, local grass fed meats, wild caught fish, local organic eggs and poultry, small amounts of functional carbohydrates to compensate for the depleted soil in which livestock graze and even organic produce is grown, and judicious use of high-quality supplements. It's not recipes for dog or cat food so you can make your own more wholesome version of the every-day-the-same stuff the industry has been promoting for 60 years. It's a way to shop for your pets when shopping for your whole household, making measl with the same degree of variety, and using commercial products the way healthy eaters use them -- very occasionally! You can get good nutrition advice from vets who are members of the AHVMA: the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. But AVMA vets, like those cited here, are far too enmeshed with the petfood industry (one of the most cynical, exploitive and dishonest on the planet - but extremely profitable) to have much credibility with readers of this journal! Most of the "super-premium" pet food is over-priced junk, the "dental treats" not as good as bones, and the basics of nutrition using a culinary approach is not difficult to master. Think about it: the only beings on the planet that are fed an every-meal-the-same "diet" for life are livestock and pets. And livestock are not expected, or even desired, to live out a full lifespan. That's why feeding trials, the gold standard of pet food certification, only last 6 months! Mother Earth needs to find some better sources for information on pet care, more in keeping with the health, environmental and humane values of its readers!