List of Likes: 20 Beauty Products Under $20

Botanical beauty makes for a fresh start this spring.


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Natural Eyeshadows by Stript, $18

Natural vanilla bean, sweet almond blossom and green tea work together in this line of vegan, paraben-free eyeshadows.

Solid Perfume by Pacifica, $9

Thai lemongrass or Egyptian Bergamot Rose fragrances are made of organic soy and coconut wax. www.pacificaperfume.comSign up to win this product! 

Fiddlehead Fern Mist by Caldrea, $15

Take a stroll through the woods with the essential oils of spearmint, vetiver and fern in this body mist.

Eye Pencils by Pencil Me In Cosmetics, $6.99

Accent your eyes with vitamin- and antioxidant-rich eye pencils with green tea extract.

Spring Lavender Hand Cream by The Healing Seed, $10.95

Heal overworked hands with this lavender-scented, omega-3 fatty acid-rich lotion; it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. www.healingseed.comSign up to win this product! 

Fizzy O’Therapy Bath Bomb by LUSH Cosmetics, $4.95

Spicy ginger and clove bud alleviate sore muscles in this bath bomb. Plop it in your bathtub after a tiresome day to soak the stress away. www.lush.comSign up to win this product! 

Mineralash Mascara by Larénim, $16.79

Long-lasting and easily removable, this product makes you wonder why all mascaras aren’t formulated with vegan and paraben-free ingredients. Available in Jet Black and Black Brown shades.

Lip Calm by John Masters Organics, $6

This balm packs ylang ylang and citrus essential oils, avocado oil, beeswax and shea butter. www.johnmasters.comSign up to win this product! 

Frankincense & Myrrh Body Scrub by Indigo Wild, $17

Erase dry skin with herbs once reserved for royalty with this sea salt and poppy seed blend. www.indigowild.comSign up to win this product! 

Upper Management Styling Gel by Kiss My Face, $8.95

Keep your locks under control with this combination of nettle and chamomile. The natural gel holds hair in place with no crispy strands.

Almond-Aloe Facial Moisturizer by Earth Science, $9.95

During summer, moisturize with this SPF-15 paraben-free formula. It’s light, non-greasy and shine-free, so it’s perfect for daily use. www.earthessentials.comSign up to win this product! 

Organic Acne Treatment by Brittanie’s Thyme, $8

This dependable blend of witch hazel, lavender and tea tree essential oils dries out trouble spots without the white film. www.brittaniesthyme.comSign up to win this product!  

Soap Collection by Vermont Soap Organics, $3.99

This collection is USDA Certified Organic: Butter Bar (with soothing calendula); Honey (to exfoliate); and Peppermint Magic (a mild astringent). www.vermontsoap.comSign up to win this product! 

Castile Bar Soaps by Brigit True Organics, $6 to $10

Cleanse your hands with these adorably shaped organic soaps—there are so many to choose from, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Plus, they’re herb-infused. www.brigittrueorganics.comSign up to win this product! 

Fruit Enzyme Facial Scrub by derma e, $13.95

Smooth away and cleanse skin with this blend of Dead Sea salt, papaya enzymes and chamomile. It leaves skin feeling so soft, you’ll never give it up.;  Sign up to win this product!  

Chamomile Flower Bath Tea by Bathe Me, $14

Draw a warm bath and enjoy the chamomile and rose petals in this bath tea. It is free of parabens, artificial fragrances and petroleum products.

Soothing Muscle Gel by Verikira Naturals, $20

Ease aching muscles with a combination of 18 different essential oils, such as rosemary, lemongrass and eucalyptus. The invigorating blend will leave you relaxed after exercising (even if you’re breaking in new shoes).

Herbal Youth by Evening Shade Farms, $12.95

Sea buckthorn berry extract renews skin in this anti-aging blend. Also treats burns, acne and dermatitis.

Sugary Nut Scrub by Biggs & Featherbelle, $17.99

Raw sugar, almond oil, and essential oils of balsam of Peru and frankincense make up this powerful exfoliating scrub. www.biggsandfeather.comSign up to win this product! 

All-Natural Face Wash by Hooked Studios Skincare, $9

Wash your face with this organic, fragrance-free cleanser with turmeric, ground oats, ground flaxseeds and garbanzo powder. www.hookedstudios.etsy.comSign up to win this product!