Try This: Net Bag Body Scrubber

Recycle net bags and old soap into this bathroom scrubber.


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Don’t throw away those little nubbins of soap left in the soap dish; they still have plenty of clean living left in them. Collect a few of them as well as a couple of small net bags (everything seems to come in net bags these days!) and make a super-simple super scrubber to hang in your shower.

Recycle! Reuse! Exfoliate!

This project takes seconds but can give you glowing skin and a clean conscience for months to come.

1. Cut off the end of two small net bags. Put one bag inside the other for a double layer.

2. Tie one end of the bag closed with hemp or cotton string.

3. Stuff the bag full of soap scraps.

4. Tie it closed with another longer length of string.

5. Tie the ends of this string into a loop for hanging. Enjoy your sudsy, scrubby rubdown.