More Space, Less Footprint: Small Home Living

Small accessory homes make single-family living bigger.


This rendering shows Harold Scott and Kathryn Goff’s home-turned-duplex after the addition of a built-onsite Sidekick Home.

Rendering Courtesy of Sidekick Homes

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By any other name: Depending where you live, people may refer to an extra little house as a casita, a cabana, a guesthouse or a granny flat. No matter their name, these accessory housing units can meet the needs of today’s changing families. Whether it’s lodging for a nanny, an office space, or a home for aging parents or young adults, adding a tiny dwelling to an existing property may make sense for your situation. Good news for you—new modular units are available to help make that choice a little greener.

Puzzle me this: With sections delivered on flatbed trucks and pieced together by crane and hand crews, a modular accessory home comes together on-site in a matter of hours, minimizing inconvenience to neighbors. Ground teams complete the project in days or weeks.

The fine print: City ordinances for accessory dwellings often limit the number of bedrooms and occupants. Some sites require variances for things such as alley access, curb cuts and distance from property lines.