Good To Know: Test Your Natural Smarts

Are you ready to live a greener life?


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1. The best way to carry groceries is:
a. paper bag
b. plastic bag
c. cardboard box
d. reusable tote or shoulder bag

2. What’s the greenest way to drink coffee? 
a. in a recycled-paper cup
b. with soy milk
c. in a reusable mug

3. Which is the most important food to buy organic?
a. strawberries
b. mac n’ cheese
c. bananas
d. snow cones

4. The most efficient way to travel is:
a. carpooling
b. airplane
c. bus
d. train

5. The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is: 
a. drive less
b. switch to energy-efficient appliances
c. unplug chargers and turn off power strips when not in use
d. all of the above

1. d. A reusable tote doesn’t require extra material each time you shop.
2. c. Drinking from a reusable mug spares the landfills a paper cup.
3. a. Strawberries grow on the ground and are more likely to have been soaked with toxic pesticides.
4. d. Carpooling is great, but rail travel is most energy efficient. Trains run on electricity and take less energy to operate; cars, buses and planes burn massive amounts of fossil fuels.
5. d. For more ideas on how to live a low-carbon lifestyle, check

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