Green Apple: Environmentally Friendlier Computers

Apple presents its new family of greener MacBooks


The green MacBook family

Photo Courtesy of Apple

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A green computer is now a reality. Apple has introduced its newest line of notebooks that contain recyclable parts and forgo some of the harmful chemicals that make up conventional computers.

Technology has not always been a green enterprise, (remember how all those CDs that offered free trial Internet use crowded landfills?). Apple’s initiative to green its technology has produced a greener iPod and now the greener MacBook .

The notebook’s shell is made of one piece of recyclable aluminum; the display is recyclable glass. Both materials command money in the recycling industry, so there is a chance they will be recycled after their lives expires.

In addition, the new computers come with arsenic-free glass and mercury-free technology. Apple has also removed PVC from internal cables, connectors and other pieces.

With energy-saving technology that allows the MacBook to dim in dark rooms, and an LED backlight display, this computer is also more energy efficient. It has achieved Energy Star certification. According to Apple, it can run on one quarter the power of a light bulb.

Once you buy your new greener MacBook you’ll notice that the packaging is more eco-friendly, too: The new boxes are 41 percent smaller, which means 25 percent more MacBooks fit in each shipping pallet.

The new MacBooks start at $1299.  

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