worms and compost scraps wooden compost bin 

Compost is a simple way to add nutrients to your garden—and a simple way to reduce your home’s waste. Instead of sending yard trimmings and food waste to the landfill, where they’ll create methane gas as they rot, add these items to your home’s compost pile! You’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate the energy needed to haul waste to the dump, and you’ll get a nutritious soil amendment to boot. What are you waiting for? Making compost is easy! Discover tips and instructions for composting at home, and learn how to make your own bin with DIY compost bin plans.

Composting Tips

Tips for Composting and Vermicomposting 

Learn the basics of composting, including how to set up your bin, what materials to add (and not to add) and how to troubleshoot common composting problems.

How to Make Your Own Compost 

Quickly and easily compile your compost—and diminish the odor, too—with these tips.

Composting with Kids! 

Help your kids develop their green thumbs by teaching them to compost.


DIY Compost Bin Plans

Make Your Own Compost Bin 

Making your own compost bin is simple. All you need are some wood strips and chicken wire.

Compost Bin Made from Recycled Shipping Pallets 

Composting is the ultimate form of recycling, so shouldn’t the container used for composting also be made from reclaimed materials? Build your own compost bin from a common castoff material—reclaimed shipping pallets.


Images (clockwise): Photo By Kokhanchikov/Courtesy Fotolia; Photo By Alison Hancock/Courtesy Fotolia; Photo By Lichtbildnerin/Courtesy Fotolia. 

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