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Top 8 Gardening Products For Fall: Pt. 2

by Taylor Miller

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You've waited and here they are! My picks for the best autumn gardening products*.

Wearable Gardening Stool
4.  The Wearable Garden Stool – An eccentric addition to your gardening arsenal, the Wearable Garden Stool is a fun, efficient and useful way to garden without backache, and just in time for bulb-ing! Read more in my blog: But It's The Pelvic Stool ThrustFrom: -- For: $54.99** 

The Living Wall
3.  The Living Wall – Although this vertical potter can be somewhat difficult to manage, the unique Living Wall is sure to be the talk of the town – or at least of your home. From: -- For: $169 

The Worm Farm Factory
2.  The Worm Factory Composter – Providing you with year-round compost and compost tea, The Worm Factory is a fun, environmentally friendly alternative to fertilizer, and a great place to dump your vacuum dust! For detailed info, read my blog: Open a Can of Worms. From: Uncle Jim's Worm Farm -- For: $69.95 

1.  Aerogarden – Topping our charts as the best Autumn Gardening Tool, the hydroponic Aerogarden is the most effective and easy way to create a bountiful garden indoors – without the mess of soil or even watering! And with the array of seed kits offered, the Aerogarden appeals to all chefs and herb aficionados. What could be better than that? From: Aerogarden -- For: $149.95