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Top 8 Gardening Products for Fall: Pt.1

by Taylor Miller

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In the first of my two part series, here are my picks for this year's best autumn gardening products*!

Meyer Lemon Tree
8.  Meyer Lemon Tree – Kicking off the charts at number eight, this dwarf lemon tree can be grown indoors year-round, and its benefits are fruitful.  From: -- For: $49.95** 

Culinary Herb Garden

7.  Culinary Herb Garden – A garden terrarium makes a great gift for friends, kids or even as projects for students. Easy to grow herbs spring up quickly and can be used in no time For more info, read my blog: Biodome! (sans Pauly Shore)From: -- For: $23.95 

The Garden Ladder
6.  The Garden Ladder – Increasing your surface area for indoor potted plants, the wooden Garden Ladder is easy to install and makes for a beautiful addition to any home.  From: -- For: $119.88

The Herb Savor
5. The Herb Savor – At number five, Prepara’s Herb Savor organizes your cuttings into a clean, space-saving container that keeps herbs fresh for weeks. From: -- For: $29.95


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