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In the Garden

Get down and dirty in the garden

Garden Gear


1. Treasured Trowel

A garden necessity, this forged trowel is made of Swedish boron steel and sustainably forested European ash wood. It also has the Mother Earth News stamp of approval.
To Buy: $20, Mother Earth News store


2. Dig In

This shovel-spade features sustainably sourced Appalachian hard wood, a recycled steel blade and a plastic-minimizing handle design. Plus, it’s specifically designed for a woman’s center of gravity.
To Buy: $65, Green Heron Tools

vintage signs

3. Sign of the Times

Whether you’re advertising your wares or just decorating, these painted aluminum signs, handmade in Washington, will attract attention.
To Buy: $26 to $36, Bainbridge Farm Goods

paper pots

4. Paper Pusher

Recycled paper pots are a perfect eco-friendly, compostable alternative to plastic. Made from 100 percent recycled paperboard, these pots are manufactured using low-water and low-energy methods.
To Buy: $3 for six, Botanical Interests

compost bin

5. Scrappy Box

This compost bin is made of FSC-certified, sustainably harvested spruce that is resistant to rotting and insect attack. Its wide-slatted design promotes airflow, making for a dependable, sturdy place for compost.
To Buy: $180, Clean Air Gardening