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5 Tips: Keep Deer Out of the Garden

by Allison Martin

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Q: I need plants that deer don't like!

--- via e-mail, from 'rejean'

A: This is a question we hear often; you are definitely not alone. 

Fortunately, Kathleen Halloran tackled this question in the November 2008 issue of The Herb Companion.

Deer Garden colordeer garden plans

Here are some quick solutions from Kathleen:

1) Plant rosemary, or other Mediterranean herbs, such as oregano, sage and thyme. Deer generally dislike the fragrance.

2) Try native ornamental grasses, which are beautiful and close to deer-proof.

3) Daffodils are more deer-resistant than tulips.

4) Plan your garden to repel deer. Use these 14 plants for a Deer-Be-Gone Garden.

5) Never feed the deer ... and spread the word to your neighbors. You may think putting out corn for the deer during the cold seasons helps them survive, but it doesn't. In fact, corn is nutritionally deficient for the needs of a deer, can even be bad for them, and lures them closer to your garden.

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