Heating Fuel Prices Set To Soar This Winter

You might need to budget for higher heating costs—there’s another high gas price lurking to strike this winter.

heating costs

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With it getting so hot, you might be searching for any excuse to daydream about the cooler winter months. Here’s a really good reason why this winter should be on your mind.

Prices for propane, natural gas and heating-oil have seen a 30 to 100 percent increase from last year. The Wall Street Journal reports that natural gas users may see a 30- to 50- percent cost increase, and heating oil users may see a 50 to 100 percent increase next winter.

Here are some tips to help you proactively combat a price crunch this winter:

Winterize your house: Weather-strip the windows or replace inefficient windows. Seal up any gaps in your home that allow drafts.

Talk to your gas utility company: Gas companies usually have a payment plan that will spread the cost over the whole year and lock you in at a good rate. Consider having your tank topped off when the prices are lower.

Consider alternatives: Wood burning and pellet stoves are excellent home-heating options that are more sustainable than gas or electric.

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