Caring for Wool Bedding

Learn about caring for wool bedding, including tips on airing out wool bedding, letting wool breathe, how to dry wool and how to remove stains from wool.

Learn about caring for wool bedding.

Learn about caring for wool bedding.

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These tips on caring for wool bedding will help keep your wool items clean and in good repair.

Caring for Wool Bedding

• Although wool allows for easy evaporation of moisture, wool bedding benefits from habitual airings and cleanings:

• Pull back wool comforters each morning to let surface areas breathe.

• Once a month, expose the bedding to direct sunlight and air to freshen, remove excess moisture, and bleach out yellowing caused by perspiration.

• Read the manufacturer’s instructions before trying any cleaning method.

• Though machine washing and dry cleaning are not recommended, you may hand wash wool bedding using an up-and-down motion in a washing machine, says St. Peter Woolen Mill’s Patricia Johnson. To keep the integrity of wool products, choose an all-natural, biodegradable soap. After washing, put the items though the spin cycle twice to remove all soap, then hang or lie the bedding flat to dry.

• Never put wool in the dryer with a heat setting on. However, it should be safe to use the dryer’s “cold” or “air” settings for ten to twenty minutes. Toss in a tennis ball to help refluff the fibers, and check progress every five minutes.

• For stain removal, use nontoxic spot cleaners, or try a solution of one part white vinegar and three parts distilled water.

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