Beeswax Vapor Rub Recipe

Relieve congestion and breathe more easily with this recipe for eucalyptus beeswax vapor rub.

Beeswax Vapor Rub

Blend your own all-natural beeswax vapor rub to soothe your cough.

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Natural vapor rub can alleviate congestion and allow you to relax. Made in part with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and peppermint, this beeswax vapor rub recipe is excellent for your skin and your ailing body. The following recipe is from Honey Crafting (F+W Media, Inc., 2013), an instructional guide to making an array of crafts and beauty products from both beeswax and honey.

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Beeswax Vapor Rub Recipe

The eucalyptus and peppermint in this ointment will soothe a rasping cough. Rub the cream on your chest and feel relief spread all over as you begin to breathe easy.

• 2 ounces beeswax
• 8 ounces shea butter
• 3 ounces sweet almond oil
• 1 ounce cocoa butter
• 1/2 ounce coconut oil
• 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil
• 20 drops peppermint essential oil
• Double boiler
• Small pots or jars

1. Combine all the ingredients in the top half of a double boiler.

2. Heat the ingredients just until the beeswax melts, then remove from heat.

3. Pour into small pots or jars, while the mixture is still warm. 

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Excerpted from Honey Crafting: From Delicious Honey Butter to Healing Salves, Projects for Your Home Straight from the Hive written by Leeann Coleman & Jayne Barnes, Copyright © 2013 by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of F+W Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Buy this book from our store: Honey Crafting.