How to Make Natural Shampoo (Video)

Watch how to make natural shampoo that doesn't contain harsh detergents and won't strip your scalp of its natural oils.

By Gina DeBacker

Many high-end shampoos contain harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (a suspected carcinogen that is also used in engine degreasers) and propylene glycol (a compound used in aircraft deicing fluid that—when used on the skin—can cause hives or allergic reactions, even in low doses). Have you ever wondered why you have an oily scalp merely one day after washing your hair? Chemical ingredients such as these can strip your scalp of its natural hair oils, forcing your scalp to compensate by producing even more oil. Luckily, learning how to make natural shampoo is not as difficult as you may think! With a few simple ingredients (water, liquid castile soap and olive oil!) you can whip up your own equally effective shampoo at home for safe and effective natural hair care.

Conventional personal-care products contain an assortment of chemicals that have been linked to health problems ranging from weight gain to cancer risk. Stay healthy and save money by making your own body, hair care and beauty products free of chemical preservatives. Making body scrubs, toners, hair rinses and floral waters can be as simple as combining an assortment of natural ingredients; while lotions, salves, lotions, deodorants and soap require a little more time and care. (For more on natural beauty on Mother Earth Living see Natural Shampoo Alternatives: Lather, Rinse, Do Not Repeat.)

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