Natural Home Green Kitchen Makeover 

Dream Kitchens
These past winners of Natural Home's Kitchen of the Year contest will inspire you to give your kitchen a green makeover. 

• Kitchen of the Year 2009
With a few simple fixes and smart materials, a cramped, ugly 1970s kitchen blossoms. 

• Kitchen of the Year 2008
This kitchen proves that enlightened doesn’t have to mean enlarged. 

• Kitchen of the Year 2007
Using salvaged and sustainable materials, a designer works magic on her own kitchen. 

• Kitchen of the Year 2006
A sculptor brings her artistic touch to a solar-powered California kitchen. 

• Kitchen of the Year 2003
A mindfully designed and equipped kitchen—the heart of a Kansas straw bale home—wins Natural Home’s Kitchen of the Year honors 

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Tricks
Ready to get started on your kitchen renovation project? Keep these ideas handy! 

• Green Your Kitchen for Less Than $1,000
Creating an eco-kitchen is part consumerism and part activism. The right mix is up to you. 

• Declutter Your Kitchen 
You can pare your cooking clutter. Here's how. 

• Get a Bigger Kitchen Without Remodeling 
You can create spaces in places you already have. 

• Find the Best Kitchen Cabinets 
Choose responsibly harvested wooden cabinets, or add pizzazz with unique, reclaimed wood! 

• Interior Designer Secrets: How to Green a Kitchen 
An interior design team from San Rafael, California, shares the secrets behind this spectacular remodel. 

• Try This: DIY Kitchen Projects 
Add a personal touch to your kitchen with these simple, affordable DIY projects for the kitchen. 

Natural Home Green Bathroom Remodeling 

Relaxing Bathrooms
Envision these bathroom designs in your own home—then use our tips and resources to start your green bathroom remodel! 

• Three Fabulous Bathrooms
They look distinctly different, but these private spaces have something in common—they're all as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful. 

• A Stunning Bathroom Remodel
What makes this bathroom remodel sing? An Austin green builder explains. 

• Bathroom of the Year 2009
From ugly to ahh...on a budget. 

• Bathroom of the Year 2008 
This spa-like bathroom pampers its owners—and the planet. 

• Bathroom of the Year 2007 
A California couple's off-the-grid home includes a bathroom that showcases its artist owner's handmade designs and recycled materials. 

• Bathroom of the Year 2006
A Seattle couple transforms a garish bathroom into a spa-like setting—and even enjoys the process. 

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Projects
Design an energy-efficient, beautiful bathroom that won't break the bank. 

• Bathroom Basics: How to Green Your Bathroom
In eco-remodeling, compromise is often necessary, but even small green choices help the environment. Here’s how Dallas designer Helen Erdman transformed a tiny bathroom into a purposeful space. 

• Save Water With Energy-Efficient Toilets and Showerheads
Want to save money and lighten your environmental impact? Start with your bathroom. 

• Eco-Friendly Bathroom Tile Options
Find beautiful, sustainable bathroom tiles to suit any design aesthetic. 

• DIY Bathroom Projects
Try these DIY bathroom projects to add style to your natural bathroom. 

• Best Backsplash Options
Incorporate your personal style into your kitchen and bathroom by treating the backsplash as a work of art. 

• Build a Sliding Bathroom Door
Increase the space in your bathroom with a sliding door. 

• Make a Personalized Towel Rack
With this bathroom craft, towels will be off the floor and on the rack. 

• Budget-Friendly, DIY Mosaic Backsplash
Create a unique look for your bathroom at a fraction of the cost with this home project. 

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