Winter Garden Guide: Herbie’s Favorite Seed Catalogs


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Settle in with our favorite seed and starts catalogs. We selected favorite catalogs based on the beauty of their pages, the quality of the information they provide and the strength of the companies’ reputations. Keep in mind the regional location of each of these companies—it may determine which company is best suited for your growing conditions.

Richters Herb Specialists,
More than 1,000 varieties of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs are featured in this catalog, which offers seeds, plants, dried herbs and extracts. Located in Ontario, Canada.

Nichols Garden Nursery,
This catalog features new and unusual herbs with short-season varieties in its catalogs. Located in Oregon.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds,  
With its comprehensive, at-a-glance information, this in-depth catalog is user-friendly for any kind of gardener. Located in Maine.

Park Seed Co.,  
Known for its selection of vegetable seeds, this catalog has just as large a selection of herb seeds. Located in South Carolina.

Mountain Valley Growers,  
This catalog features starts, which is perfect for any gardener without the patience for seed starting. It offers more than 400 USDA-certified organic plants. Located in California.

Sandy Mush Herb Nursery,  
This nursery, which sells both seeds and starts, specializes in culinary and medicinal herbs, scented geraniums and native plants. Located in North Carolina.

Seeds of Change,  
Certified organic, this catalog has a large selection of seeds and starts. Located in New Mexico.

The Thyme Garden Herb Company,
This catalog offers 650 varieties of herbs as well as dried herbs, teas, spices and seasonings. Catalogs include interesting folklore. Located in Oregon.

Seed Savers Exchange,
Known mostly for its selection of heirloom seeds, this catalog includes beautiful photos. Located in Iowa.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds,  
This catalog is known for its rare and unusual seed collection (including heirlooms). Located in Missouri.

Botanical Interests,
Although they don’t have a hard-copy catalog (theirs is digital), Botanical Interests’ seed packets are beautifully illustrated and thoroughly informative. Located in Colorado.

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Gina DeBacker is editorial assistant at The Herb Companion.

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