Best for the Garden: Quantum Health, Patio Furniture USA, Ranger Boots

Ten great ways to go green in your garden.


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1. Birds are critical to healthy garden ecosystems. Our avian friends will find a refuge in these wildly whimsical birdhouses, made by artist and educator Michael Parayno from recycled and reused materials. $49 to $499. (510) 827-5414.

2. Recycled plastic creates sturdy, maintenance-free garden furniture. Each Sunset Bay outdoor dining set by Patio Furniture USA keeps more than 500 plastic containers out of the waste stream. $1,400. (800) 351-5699

3. Colorful and comfortable Ladybug Clogs from Ranger are made from natural latex rubber. $21. (800) 777-9021

4. Bradfield Organics' Luscious Lawn provides essential nutrients without hazardous chemicals. And the bag’s recyclable, too. $30 for a 40-pound bag. (800) 551-9564 

5. Buzz Away Extreme natural insect repellent keeps mosquitoes, gnats and flies at bay for up to eight hours. Its combination of soybean oil and essential oils lets you avoid the toxic chemical DEET. $9 for 4-ounce spray. (800) 448-1448

6. Soaker hoses, which “weep” moisture directly into the soil, use up to 70 percent less water than conventional sprinklers. The Moisture Master by Fiskars is made with 65 percent recycle tire rubber. $27.50 for Drip/Soaker Kit. (877) 503-7477

7. Mulch helps retain vital moisture in plant beds. Made from colorful, recycled-glass aggregate, EnviroScape mulch works especially well along garden paths or in fish ponds. $20 to $75 per 50 pounds. (888) 523-7894

8. Using rainwater conserves a precious resource and gives plants an extra mineral boost. Easily store rainwater for your garden in these classic, repurposed Jack Daniels whiskey barrels from Clean Air Gardening. $180. (214) 363-5170

9. Soothing sounds bring harmony to any garden. These stovepipe wind chimes by Canadian artist Shirra Wall are crafted from 100 percent recycled steel. $50. (250) 954-0359

10. Natural, organic and heirloom flower seeds create a rainbow of color throughout the growing season. Seeds Trust, a 22-year-old family-run company, offers a wide variety of herb, grass, vegetable and flower seeds. From $2 per seed packet. (928) 649-3315