Fresh Finds: Organic Snacks

Curb your hunger with these tasty treats.


Photo Courtesy Blisscuits

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Curb your hunger with these tasty treats. Register to win some of the organic snacks featured!

Whole Food Bars
1.7-ounce bars: $3
salba-seed bars

Live Organic Low-Fat Yogurt
Organic Valley
32-ounce bottle: $4
organic, drinkable probiotic yogurt

Baking Mixes
Purely Elizabeth
7.5- to 12.2-ounce packages: $8
gluten-free muffin and pancake mixes

Snack Bars
Bora Bora Organic Foods
Box of 12 1.4-ounce bars: $24
organic fruit and nut bars

Dried Fruit
Peeled Snacks
1.23- to 1.48-ounce bag: $2.49
organic dried fruits

Herbal Blends
Sunsweet Naturals
16-ounce bottle: $3
organic juice and herbs

Acai Original Juice
12-ounce bottle: $3
organic acai juice

Italian Volcano Lemonade and Limeade
Dream Foods International
25-ounce bottle: $5
organic lemonade and limeade

Biscuit Cookies
2-ounce package: $3
gluten-free snacks