Lebanese 7 Spice Mix

Make international dishes at home, and incorporate Middle Eastern flavors into your cooking, with this traditional spice mix.


Allspice is one of several spices that help gastrointestinal distress.

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In the Middle East, spice blends flavor grilled meats and many other dishes. This blend is the famed Lebanese Seven Spice mix; you’ll find variations of it in cuisine from across the Middle East. To make it, blend these herbs, freshly ground. Rub it on meats and veggies prior to grilling. Pair it with rice, yogurt and fresh herbs for a Middle Eastern feast.

About 1 tablespoon each:

• allspice
• black pepper
• cinnamon

About 1 teaspoon each:

• nutmeg
• ginger
• fenugreek
• cloves

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