How to Make Roasted Chickpeas (Video)

Learn how to make roasted chickpeas for a kid-friendly, on-the-go snack.

By Jessica Kellner

Snacking is a big deal, especially in a household with active youngsters who always seem to be hungry and on-the-go. Instead of handing your kids a bag of chips laced with chemical food additives, whip up healthy, nutritious snacks they love. This recipe for roasted chickpeas packs a savory, satisfying crunch and is easy to make: It comes together in a couple of minutes. Just let it bake for an hour, stirring every 15 minutes or so. Best of all, chickpeas (also sold as garbanzo beans) are an excellent source of vitamin B6, folate, fiber, managanese, iron, potassium and protein. Go ahead—let your kids have seconds.

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