food preservation 

You've probably heard all about the benefits of eating seasonally and locally—more nutritious food, better prices and flavor, along with the added bonus of supporting your local economy. Eating seasonally in the summer is a breeze, but as autumn and winter approach things can become more challenging. You can enjoy the flavor and taste of fresh produce all year long when you learn how to preserve your garden’s bountiful harvest. Use this handy guide to put up all that autumn has to offer, from apples to zucchinis and much more.

Preservation Basics

How to Preserve Herbs

fresh herbs

Don’t let fresh herbs go to waste! Use these simple strategies to keep homegrown herbs on hand all year long.

6 Simple Preservation Methods

simple food preservation

Learn the simple wisdom of putting food by to keep your household stocked with fresh, nutritious fare year-round.

Your Guide to Root Cellaring

root cellar

Many foods will last for weeks or months if kept in a cool, dark place. Learn which foods keep well and how to properly store them.

End-of-Summer Preservation Guide

summer preservation

Explore the many techniques that can help make your local and homegrown foods last all year.

Water Bath Canning


Stock up on a surplus of peak-season foods when you learn how to water bath can.

Canning Recipes

Black Raspberry Jam

black raspberry jam

Preserve rare black raspberries with this tasty jam.

Dilly Beans

dilly beans

Enjoy the crisp crunch of fresh green beans well into winter.

Sweet Pickles

homemade sweet pickles

Make homemade pickles to enjoy with savory cool-weather meals.

Roasted Red Peppers

roasted sweet peppers

Quickly preserve roasted sweet peppers, tomatoes and other veggies in oil.

Blackberry Lime Syrup

jam and syrup recipe

Get two recipes in one with this recipe: a delicious syrup and a tasty jam.

Frozen Foods

Guide to Freezing Food

frozen broccoli

Save time and money when you make the freezer your friend with these smart strategies.

Freezer-Friendly Foods

freezer-friendly foods

Stock your freezer with these 11 multipurpose foods to make cooking healthful meals a breeze.

Frozen Homemade Beans

bulk beans

Freeze a variety of cooked beans for an easy way to have a base for numerous meals.

On-the-Go Muffins

frozen muffins

Frozen muffins are the perfect high-fiber, on-the-go snack or breakfast.

Caramelized Onions

caramelized onions

Keep this flavorful ingredient stocked in your kitchen with our tutorial.


Vegetable Fermentation

fermented veggies

Discover the history and health benefits of eating fermented foods.

Simple Sauerkraut


Want to ferment at home? This simple recipe for sauerkraut is a great place to start.

Easy Kimchi


This kimchi recipe is easy to adapt to whatever vegetables you have on hand.

Dehydrating Food

Guide to Drying Herbs & Spices

solar drying herbs

Enjoy one of the easiest forms of food preservation by drying your homegrown herbs.

Homemade Fruit Leather

homemade fruit leather

Dehydrate slices of your favorite fruit for a healthy snack, or a topping for oatmeal and yogurt.

Homemade Jerky

homemade jerky

Use local or pasture-raised meats to make your own jerky for this perfect on-the-go snack.

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