Try This: Wine Cork Crafts: DIY Bulletin Board

Recycle used corks into this fun and functional bulletin board.

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Put old corks to good use with a DIY bulletin board.

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Instead of tossing old corks, save them to make fun wine cork crafts. Try your hand at turning old corks into a fun, functional DIY bulletin board with this craft project, excerpted from RECYCLO-GAMI: 40 Crafts to Make Your Friends Green with Envy! by Laurie Goldrich Wolf (Running Press, 2011). The excerpt is from Chapter 4: Bedazzle Your Bedroom. 

DIY Bulletin Board

Why toss corks when you can use them to create a cool and functional corkboard? Use it to display photos, post messages, or showcase souvenirs.

What You’ll Need:

thick piece of foam board or packing material
80 to 120 champagne and wine corks

1. Collect enough corkboards to cover your entire piece of foam board or insulated packing material. Ask your friends and neighbors to save their corks, too! Broken corks can also be used—just stand them on their ends rather than laying them on their sides. Find a roll of ribbon left over from a holiday or birthday party.

2. Glue the corks to your piece of foam board or packing glue. Make a pattern or place the corks in a random order. Then wrap the ribbon around the outside of your corkboard. Beginning at the top left corner and moving clockwise, glue the ribbon on each side of the corkboard.

3. When you reach the top left again, unroll and cut enough extra ribbon to use for hanging the corkboard. Apply glue to the end of the ribbon and press it against the underside of the top right corner of the corkboard.

Reprinted with permission from RECYCLO-GAMI: 40 Crafts to Make Your Friends Green with Envy! by Laurie Goldrich Wolf, Running Press, copyright © 2011.