Mother Earth Living March/April 2017

March April 17


5 Best Herbal Antibiotics
Learn how herbs such as oregano, thyme and chamomile fight bacteria and combat infections naturally. 

Zone-by-Zone Gardening Guide
Use our regional gardening guide to choose the best varieties and most prolific plants for every garden zone in the U.S.

A Flexible Home
The adaptable design of Kimberly Sampson and Adam Maltese’s home accommodates their growing family and lets them get the most out of living in nature. 

Slow Loss
Learn how a lack of agricultural biodiversity is causing dietary issues, and threatens the disappearance of our favorite foods.

Best for Gardening

Gardening with a Purpose
Learn how gardening benefits can go beyond your own home, from feeding hungry people to helping other start their own crops.

Preserving Our Pollinators
Learn how gardening practices can save bees and other valuable pollinators.

8 Household Uses for Chives
Use healthy, multipurpose chives to make compound herb butter, herbal bouquets and more.

Natural Health

Making Homemade Medicines
Use this guide to make your own simple, effective herbal remedies, and add medicine-making to your self-sufficiency repertoire.

Habitually Happy: 8 Habits of Healthy People
Use these quick, simple practices to boost your happiness every day.

Ease Back Pain Naturally
Try these herbs and techniques when treating acute back pain and chronic pain.

Real Food

Mediterranean One-Pot Meals
These simple, nutritious dinners are packed with great ingredients, and use only one dish for great no-fuss cooking.

Buy the Best Olive Oil
Label claims on olive oil bottles don’t always mean quality. Learn how to practice smart food shopping, and get tips on good olive oil brands.

Herb Butter and Herb Salt
Try these homemade seasonings to get all the flavors and benefits of fresh herbs.

Organic Garden

Plant a Patchwork Garden 
Try using a quilter’s mindset to maximize garden produce.

Grow Ginger and Turmeric
Growing tropical plants--like turmeric and ginger--in your own garden is easier than you you think! Learn all about how to do it.

8 Great-Tasting Heirloom Veggies to Grow
Spigariello, Moneymaker Tomatoes and more--Try these delicious garden heirlooms beloved by chefs and foodies alike.

Grow, Make, Build

Create a Living Picture Frame
Love unique garden planters? Create one that puts your succulent collection on display with this project.

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