Mother Earth Living July/August 2017


21 Foods that Fight Disease
Ward off disease and aliments with these nutrient packed foods.

Extra-Virgin Entrepreneurs
An Arizona family builds a business growing olives, pressing oil and creating personal-care products.

Body-Care Basics
Who needs commercial beauty products with volatile chemicals? Learn to make your own products for skin, hair, teeth, and more.

Graceful Aging
Stave off aches and pains and other symptoms of aging by taking steps to improve your physical health at every age.

Best for Simple Living

Aging Happily
Being active and appreciative through life transitions may be the key to staying healthy at any age.

7 Recommended Cleansing Masks
Aromatherapy facials, seaweed treatments and more — get editor recommendations on masks for healthy skin.

Sunburn Soothers
Too much sun? Try these natural remedies to stop feeling the burn..

Ingredient Watch: Formaldehyde in Cosmetics
Though classified as a human carcinogen, this chemical is found in many personal-care products.

Charity Spotlight: National Women's Health Network
Learn what this organization is doing to highlight women's health issues and make change in the healthcare industry.

8 Household Uses for Calendula
Discover easy, handy ways to use calendula around the house, from beauty treatments to recipes and beyond.

Natural Health

6 Best Medicinal Essential Oils
Use the power of nature to cure common ailments with these medicinal essential oils.

Natural Summer Sunburn and Bug Bite Remedies
Keep the plights of the season away with these natural sunscreens and insect repellents.

Exercise Tips for Every Age
Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with these workout tips for every age.

Real Food

Mediterranean Dinner Recipes
Take cues from the Mediterranean diet to make healthful, satisfying supper salads.

Practicing Mindfulness at the Table
Improve eating habits and overall health by applying the practice of mindfulness to your meals.

Freezer-Ready Soups with Summer Produce
Try these freezer-ready soups starring late-summer produce, perfect to whip up and stash in the freezer so you can enjoy a taste of the harvest later this winter.

Organic Garden

Garden Insects: Friend or Foe?
Use this quick guide as a tool to attract the good and repel the bad.

6 Herbs to Grow for Emotional Health
These easy to grow herbs serve to benefit mental and emotional well-being.

Save Water in Your Garden with Smart Hoses
Water your garden the smart way with soaker hoses and drip irrigation..

Grow, Make, Build

DIY Wood Bath Tray
Improve your spa experience by creating your own DIY wooden bath tray.

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