Mother Earth Living July/August 2016

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Homemade Salves for Every Household
Make multipurpose salves for everything from skin ailments to home first aid.

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Used by about one in three Americans, complementary therapies such as botanical medicine and ayurvedic treatments can be smart alternatives to conventional health care.

Watch Out: Toxic Cosmetics and Personal Care Items
Commercially-produced household products in the U.S., including personal care items and cosmetics, often include harmful chemicals and volatile compounds.

Brain-Building Hobbies to Improve Cognitive Function
Discover the link between activities such as reading, knitting or making music and mental health.

Best for a Healthy Home

Recommended Products for Troubled Skin
From beauty balms to oils for skin care, try these editor-recommended products to treat sensitive or troubled skin.

Buy or DIY: Insect Repellent
Discover non-toxic, deet-free bug spray options.

8 Household Uses for Sugar
Learn alternative uses for refined sugar, including a simple sugar scrub, cleaning a coffee grinder, and more.

Charity Spotlight: Dress for Success
Learn how Dress for Success helps unemployed women learn job interview skills, build a professional support network, and acquire a professional wardrobe.

Natural Health

Natural Herbal Medicines for Common Health Problems
From inflammatory relief to the best flu medicines, try these natural pharmaceutical alternatives for common ailments.

4 Bulk Herb Wholesalers You Can Trust
Consider these conscious companies when shopping for herbal ingredients.

Healing with Flowers
Let flower oils and floral aromatherapy heal your skin and ease your mind.

Real Food

Understanding Food Labels
Practice smart grocery shopping with these tips and terms to watch for.

12 “Health Foods” to Avoid
Don’t be fooled--these so-called “healthy products” are just examples of junk food.

4 Plant-Based Meals for Vegan Eating
These easy meals are full of nutritious ingredients.

Organic Garden

4 Anti-Inflammatory Plants to Grow & Eat
Turn to anti-inflammatory plants to fight ailments such as allergies, arthritis, headaches, back pain, hives, sciatica & more.

All About Invasive Plants
Invasive plants can cause major damage to the ecosystems where we live—yet, not every non-native is bad. Learn how to become an effective protector of your region’s natural biodiversity.

Drought-Tolerant Pollinator Plants
Try these low-maintenance perennials to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden.

Grow, Make, Build

DIY Bee House
Make bees of all stripes at home in your yard with an easy-to-make clay bee house.

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