Mother Earth Living November/December 2016

ND 16 


The Winter Larder
Eat great food all winter long with these tips for canning and preserving, and make ahead meals to freeze.

Native American Plants and Medicinal Herbs
Discover the benefits of five of North America's most-researched healing native plants.

Unique Artisan Christmas Gifts from Etsy
Practice responsible shopping with our guide to some of Etsy’s best gift options, from handmade kitchen accessories to small batch products and beyond.

Herbal Remedies for Joint Pain
Try these natural remedies, including yucca, meadowsweet and celery seed, for arthritis pain relief.

Best for a Healthy Holiday

New Family Holiday Traditions
Foster family and community and make new memories with holiday crafts, natural decorations and group activities.

Charity Spotlight: Kiva
Looking for alternative gift ideas? Support entrepreneurs at home and in developing countries through microlending with a Kiva gift card.

8 Household Uses for Cloves
Beyond baking and pomander balls, learn the many ways to use cloves in your home, including homemade natural mouthwash and DIY potpourri.

Natural Health

Herbal Syrups for Common Ailments
Get the medicinal benefits of herbs with these easy-to-make syrups for nausea, indigestion and other discomforts.

Hidden Toxins in Household Items
Beware: Potentially harmful substances can be hiding in common items you hadn't considered as sources of unwanted chemicals.

How to Manage Occasional Anxiety
Try using these tips and herbs such as lemon balm and skullcap for anxiety issues.

Real Food

Eating in Season for Winter
Try these high protein dishes and winter meal ideas for tasty, healthy seasonal meals.

Healthy Recipes for the Holidays
These six takes on classic recipes offer outstanding sources of nutrition.

Drinking Shrubs 
An important part of cocktail history, shrubs are a classic food preservation recipe, as tasty as they are packed with health benefits.

Organic Garden

Naturally Balancing Blood Sugar with Plants 
Learn about the benefits of holy basil, fenugreek and prickly pear for diabetes, as well as other helpful herbs.

All About Mulch
Discover these useful mulching techniques to nourish soil and make your gardening work easier.

How to Use Compost
Use this plant-by-plant guide to take advantage of all the benefits your garden can gain from compost − a fantastic all-purpose amendment that offers plants a nutrient boost.

Grow, Make, Build

Grow Lucky Bamboo in a DIY Water Garden
Try this mason jar craft as a gift for a friend, or to decorate your own space.

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