Mother Earth Living January/February 2017



The Benefits of Fermented Foods
Try these natural probiotic foods for anti-cancer properties, metabolic health and much more.

The Art of Living at an Ayurveda Retreat
Consider a healthy getaway to this spa and retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains for meditation, natural health treatments and more.

Home Organization Tips for Simpler Living
Get inspiration for clearing out clutter and getting rid of unused items in every room of the house.

Oregano and Health
Discover how this common culinary ingredient can also be an herbal treatment for asthma, arthritis, and other common ailments.

Best for Simple Living

Revive, Don't Replace
Before getting rid of old items, try these tips for cleaning baking pans, getting rid of stains and more ideas to repair and renew items around your house.

How to Donate Used Clothing and Other Items
Cleaning out your home? Learn what to consider before donating, from charity needs to most requested items for shelters.

8 Household Uses for Sage
From making homemade bath salts to natural medicine for coughs, discover the many versatile applications of sage.

Natural Health

Maintaining Healthy Weight
By eliminating processed foods, monitoring liver and kidney health and other practices, you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Seasonal Treats with Heart Healthy Herbs
These healthy homemade drinks and treats make taking your medicine fun and easy.

Fundamentals and Benefits of Qigong
Discover the power of this ancient health care practice, and its variety of movement exercises.

Real Food

Super Efficient Recipes 
Create a meal plan and try cooking with leftovers to create these quick weeknight dinner recipes.

Soup Cleansing for a New Year Detox
Reset your body with a healthy, customizable soup cleanse.

Hearty Salads for Winter
Get cooking inspiration with these ideas for salads that make the most of seasonal greens, dried fruits and healthy whole grains.

Organic Garden

Easy Garden Plans 
Are you a lazy gardener? Simplify garden chores and prep this spring with these tips and ideas.

Get a Head Start on This Year's Garden
Try these gardening practices to get a jump start on planting and encourage an early harvest.

Growing Unique Vegetables for a Special Garden
Expand your taste buds by growing romanesco cauliflower, chiltepin chiles and other unique produce in your garden this year.

Grow, Make, Build

Reclaimed Wood Key Rack
Clean up clutter with this simple DIY project, a great use for wood from downed branches.

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