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FLOR Spring 2012 Collection of Carpet Designs

by Susan Melgren, Web Editor

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There’s a lot we love about FLOR. The company's modular carpet tiles are made from recycled and renewable content, with a closed-loop life cycle in mind. Because FLOR doesn’t want to see any of its carpet tiles end up in the landfill, it started a Return & Recycled Program in which it sends pre-paid labels for customers to mail old tiles back. The tile’s modular nature also gives rise to creativity, allowing tiles to be arranged in a high number of unique patterns and design. But all this aside, FLOR offers what every homeowner, eco-conscious or not, wants in a product: beauty and durability. FLOR’s new Spring 2012 collection was recently released, and we couldn’t help but sharing a few of this eco flooring company’s new designs. From muted berbers to bold, audacious prints, here are a handful of designs that caught our eye!

Berber Afoot 

Durable but cozy, berber carpet is an excellent choice for many areas of the home, especially high traffic-rooms, which is perhaps why it’s one of the best-selling carpets out there. FLOR’s berber styles are made from 100 percent recycled Nylon. And with sweater-inspired tiles, some of FLOR's new designs look cozy enough to curl up on for a nap.

FLOR Family Tree 
Family Tree 

Settle Down FLOR 
Settle Down 

FLOR Coming Along 
Coming Along 

FLOR Roadside Attraction 
Roadside Attraction 

Sisal Look-Alikes 

While traditional sisal is made from the fibers of the agave plant, FLOR’s sisal-style carpet just mimicks the look of this natural fiber; they’re actually made from recycled Nylon fibers. On the upside, FLOR’s sisal carpet tile are easier to clean—and softer underfoot.

FLOR Weave a Story office 
Weave a Story 

Be Bold 

If playing it safe isn’t for you, FLOR has plenty of bold and colorful designs that will make your home pop, from Union Jack-inspired tiles to funky floral prints. Or, you can arrange single-color tiles into a fun pattern of your choice.

FLOR Hey Jack 
Hey Jack 

FLOR House Pet 
House Pet in Hummingbird, Chameleon, Goldfish and Siamese 

FLOR Watch This 
Watch This 

Animal Print 

Get in touch with your wild side with modern animal print designs.

FLOR Mod Cow 
Mod Cow 

FLOR Mod Zebra II 
Mod Zebra II 

For more designs, check out FLOR's Spring 2012 catalog.