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EcoArt Organic Cotton Decorative Throw Pillows from Wabisabi Green

by Susan Melgren, Web Editor

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If you want to give your current home design a makeover but don’t have the money to make big changes, start by investing in a few quality accessories. One of the best (and most functional) accessories you can buy to re-energize a room is a decorative throw pillow. Throw pillows add a splash of color, are comfortable to lie or sit on and can provide inspiration for a new design down the road.

EcoArt pillows from Wabisabi Green make it easy to show off both your sustainable and stylish side. These organic cotton decorative throw pillows are stuffed with either organic kapok fiber or eco-fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. The pillows are all handprinted using water-based inks and made in the U.S. Pillows filled with the eco-fiber insert are $68; pillows filled with the kapok insert are $74.

With three different collections and 32 individual pillow designs, you’re sure to find the perfect pillow to match your home’s décor or inspire a new theme.

Leaf Collection: Bring the outdoors in with this nature-inspired collection of botanical-printed pillows. These modern throw pillows feature stylistic interpretations of actual plants and flowers.

Leaf collection

Pillows from the EcoArt Leaf Collection: Rosette Lime, Dahlia, Papyrus Lime/Slate. Photo Courtesy Wabisabi Green.

Shore Collection: This nautical-themed collection draws inspiration from the coast. Bring the style of a beach house to your home with pillows featuring creatures from the deep blue sea.

Shore collection

Pillows from the EcoArt Shore collection: Tortuga Ocean, Sea Fan Sapphire, Sea Fan Sapphire. Photo Courtesy Wabisabi Green.

Zen Collection: Celebrate serenity and balance with this Asian-inspired collection of pillows. This collection's simple designs promote a peaceful environment.

Zen collection

Pillows from the EcoArt Zen collection: Cherry Blossom, Buddha, Bamboo Forest. Photo Courtesy Wabisabi Green.