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Journey Toward Healthy Skin: John Master Organics

By Gina Souders

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With my wedding coming up in less than three months, I’ve got to keep my skin moisturized, healthy and glowing. For that, I need to find the right herbs for the job.

Aloe seems to be the go-to medicinal herb for most skincare solutions. But there are many other herbs that heal skin, such as:

• Chamomile: This is used in most facial-care products and is useful in calming an irritated complexion and treating acne.
• Comfrey: This healing herb contains allantoin, a protein that speeds up cell renewal.
• Rose: This works as a gentle cleanser that has refining and softening powers.
• Witch hazel: This skin astringent contains alcohol but heals and soothes skin.


John Masters Organics has recently re-launched its line of organic skincare products. Their beauty line offers natural healing products such as the Green Tea & Rose Hydrating Face Serum, the Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask and the Rose Foaming Face Wash. But their skincare collection also offers something I have personally been on the lookout for awhile: a toning mist.

The Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist ($20) is a beauty product certified by the National Organic Program. I’ve kept this product on a shelf near my keys so that as I leave for work, I quickly mist my face with one to two sprays. I instantly feel awake, toned and ready to start the day.

The ingredients work together to create a natural toning mist combination: the essential oil of rose soothes skin by increasing blood circulation; oat kernel improves defense against pollution; white tea protects against oil-causing bacteria; aloe vera promotes healing; and aspen bark protects against harmful bacteria. 

The glass bottle is a little too heavy to tote around in my purse for a daily refresher, but so far my “front-door-solution” has worked out great.

I’ll be on the lookout for more herbal skincare treatments to keep skin fresh and healthy. But what about you? Have you ever used this beauty product? If not, what have you used and why do you or don’t you like it? And what are your favorite herbs for skincare? Drop me a comment!