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Garden Giveaway: Beautiful Echinaceas from Burpee

By Gina Souders

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GinaIt's officially seed catalog season. The Herb Companion has been receiving tons and tons of beautiful seed catalogs, both in print and digital format. One digital seed catalog that caught my eye was Burpee. This seed and transplant company now offers a wide assortment of echinaceas for 2011.

Since our May 2010 issue, I've been obsessed with cutting-edge coneflowers. In fact, I went out of my way last spring to find unusual varieties at my local nursery, Sunrise Garden Center. I was specifically interested in Echinace purpurea 'Pink Double Delight'. It looks like a fluffy garden confection! I transplated my new treasure to my backyard. Unfortunately, it didn't fare very well. (I blame my lack of gardening skills and the savage rabbits that think my garden bed is a free-for-all buffet.) However, I'm determined to try again and these Burpee seeds and transplants have only inspired me further to chase my love of all things pretty in pink.

12-14-2010-gina and echinacea
I found inspiration in our May 2010 issue and planted 'Pink Double Delight' in my yard.
Photos by Allison Martin and Gina DeBacker

Here are five of Burpee's ornamental echinaces that I thought you might enjoy learning more about:

Raspberry Truffle. This double coneflower's raspberry-colored petals adorn dark chocolate stems, which reach 30 inches and thrive in full sun to partial shade. Plant to attract birds. (Zones 3 to 8.)

PowWow White. These delicate white petals add an angelic quality to any garden. They grow 20 to 24 inches and thrive in full sun to partial shade. (Zones 3 to 8.)

Pomegranate. This Burpee-exclusive resembles a poofy tutu because its cone is surrounded by layer upon layer of pinkish-purple petals. It thrives in full sun and is fairly small—it only reaches 3 to 4 inches. (Zones 3 to 8.)

PowWow Wild Berry. Ruby-toned petals decorate dark rose centers in this gorgeous variety. Reaches 20 to 24 inches and thrives in full sun to partial shade. (Zones 3 to 8.)

White Double Delight. A central powderpuff of petals are surrounded by a ruffle of longer ray petals in this fun confection. Reaches 24 inches and thrives in full sun. (Zones 3 to 8.)

12-14-2010-pow wow
From left to right: 'Raspberry Truffle' and 'PowWow White'. 

12-14-2010-echinacea pomegranate

12-14-2010-wild berry white echinacea
From left to right: 'PowWow Wild Berry' and 'White Double Delight'.
Photos courtesy Burpee 

The great news? You could win these! Burpee has agreed to give away two echinacea seed packets ('PowWow White' and 'PowWow Wild Berry') plus a $5 Burpee gift card to three Herb Companion readers. Details below.


• Post a comment below. Which echinacea variety would you like to include in your dream garden? Why? Courtesy Burpee. 

• End Date: January 13, 2010 (12:00 AM, Central Time) UPDATE: Time's up! 

And the winners are ...  

1-18-2011-echinacea comment 1
Donna in Brewerton, New York

1-18-2011-echinacea comment 2
Kathy in Allen, Texas

1-18-2011-echiancea comment 3
Janice in Carson, California

Winners were chosen using Thanks to everyone who entered my Garden Giveaway! Watch out for even more giveaways.