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Emergency Acne Blaster

by Allison Martin

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Last Friday I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. So Friday morning found me doing inventory before leaving for the festivities:

Dress? Check                      

Shoes? Check                           

Wrap? Check

Minimal, yet comprehensive makeup supply? Check

Am I wearing a button-down shirt that won't ruin hair and makeup at the last minute when I change? Check

I was ready to leave for the reception site (where we would all primp together in the hours precluding the ceremony), wearing proper down-time pre-wedding yoga pants and flats, tossing a flat-iron in my tote with some mints. And then my phone rang. It was another bridesmaid, and she needed a favor.  

"Listen, you know that stuff you had at the bachelorette weekend?"

 /uploadedImages/Blogs/Allison/brittanies thyme.jpg 

Ah-ha. A month previously, at the bachelorette weekend festivites, I packed a bottle of Brittanie's Thyme Organic Acne Treatment. Unsuprisingly, with a bevy of ladies who stretched their schedules to travel for the party (a combo of stress + airports + rich food + cocktails), we had some uninvited guests - pimples, that is. My bottle of Brittanie's Thyme was in high demand.

"Could you bring that organic stuff with you?" she continued.

The thing is, Brittanie's Thyme (a mixture of witch hazel and lavender and tea tree essential oils) is dependable. It dries trouble spots right out, and works quickly. And unlike pimple creams (which leave a white film), it can be used right before applying makeup so that it can continue to work. The scent is quite strong if you are unused to essential oils (like some of my friends), but by the end of the wedding experience several of my fellow bridesmaids were devotees.